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Lawn Master Case Studies

We pride ourselves on our great reputation and this is reflected in the feedback received from our customers.



Mr Dolan

The customer was considering re-turfing, but we advised that Regener8 would rectify the lawns. We completed the process in a day and the lawns now look great.

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Upnor, Rochester

Mr Ribbons

We rectified the lawns problems with our Regener8 lawn renovation programme, to bring the lawn back to peak health with new grass.

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Syston, Leicester

Mr Hubbard

To rectify the lawns problems, we heavily scarified the lawn to remove the build up of organic matter. We then over-seeded the lawn with a quality grass mix.

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Mr Douglas

We carried out a scarification, top dressing, and an over-seeding treatment for Mr Douglas on the 12th of May. The after pictures were taken only 8 days later.

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Mr Bhanja

We started treatments with moss control, shortly followed with scarification to reduce the moss and thatch levels in the lawn.

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High Wycombe

Mr Quelch

We applied a treatment to control Leatherjackets, and then after a few weeks we scarified the lawn and applied top dressing and over-seeding afterwards.

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Dunston, Lincoln

Mr Gibbons

The lawns required major weed control treatments and scarification to remove a lot of the debris from the lawns.

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Mr Graham

We first completed a weed control and moss control, and then heavily scarified the lawns to remove all of the debris. We then completed our Regener8 process.

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Denbigh, North Wales

Mr Butlin

The whole process took over 4 days to complete, with multiple staff involved and a lot of product applied. But the results speak for themselves.

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Crowthorne, Berkshire

Mrs Spiller

We completed some applications to control the moss and weeds, followed by scarification and seeding to get some stronger grasses established in the lawn.

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