Lawn Care Business Concept

The idea of providing a lawn care service was originally conceived in the US. Like many businesses that originate from the US, they eventually become popular in the UK.

For the past 15-20 years, the popularity of lawn care has grown in the UK to become a service that thousands of homeowners use as part of their ongoing home maintenance.

Since the 1990s, Lawn Master has offered an all year round lawn treatment service that is available across most of the UK.

How Lawn Master Works

We offer customers a year-round, pre-scheduled lawn care programme, which includes bespoke seasonal fertiliser programmes, the application of specialist products, and machine operations.

Our customer service levels are exceptional, and are backed up with genuine knowledge and experience that none of our competitors can provide.

The future potential for Lawn Master in the lawn care industry is huge. We gain thousands of customers across the UK every year, from the typical homeowner, to the rich and famous.

One of the major reasons why our lawn care services have become more popular is because we live in a society where time is becoming more valuable than ever. Most people want a nice lawn, but have very little time to attend to it.

We truly believe that almost everyone who has a lawn will eventually require our lawn treatment service, because customers are realising the benefits of using our qualified and experienced lawn experts to maintain their lawns.