Training and Support

Lawn Master provides an exceptional training programme for our franchisees, backed up with a large support network that can assist you with help and support whenever you need it.

Our training programme, combined with our start-up package provides you with everything you need to get your business off to a flying start.

How does our training programme differ from our competitors?

If you look at our competitors franchise training programmes, you will notice that their training programmes are on average between 12-14 days.

The reason their training programmes are this long is because their new franchisees have no prior experience of working with grass. They have never worked as turf professionals prior to starting their franchise. Instead they have spent their career working in other completely unrelated industries, such as banking.

They therefore have to use these 12-14 days to provide an over-simplified and brief overview of lawn maintenance, combined with a brief overview of how to manage a business. Both elements are covered vaguely, meaning that their franchisees are not properly prepared in any aspect of running their franchise.

Because Lawn Master only source qualified and experienced turf experts, we are able to take a different approach to our training programme by focussing on how to operate your business effectively, instead of teaching you the basics of lawns in just a few days.

Our Competitors use their customers lawns as “training grounds”. Just think about this for a minute..

Our competitors have to teach as much basic lawn care information as they can to their new franchisees in a few days training. As an experienced turf professional yourself, you will know that it’s not possible to learn any level of extensive knowledge and skills in such a short period of time. It takes years of experience of working with turf in different conditions and environments to obtain this level of knowledge.

Our competitors franchisees therefore spend years using their customer’s lawns as “training grounds” to learn how to apply products properly, and identify problems and provide the right solution.

They will make many mistakes along the way, and lose their customers in doing so.

Now think about our approach..

As a Lawn Master franchisee, we set you out into the market place with the skills to run your business effectively, combined with your years of prior turf care experience.

This means our franchisees get it right the first time. They don’t make mistakes on their customer’s lawns, and they already know how to use equipment, identify problems and provide the correct solutions.

We market ourselves as the best lawn care company, with the most knowledgeable turf professionals under our brand, so it’s essential that we equip you with all the skills and knowledge from the launch of your franchise, so that you can deal with any issues successfully.

Our Ongoing Support and Training:

Head Office Support

Our staff at head office are available to deal with any queries or problems you have in the running of your business. We’re here to ensure that your franchise runs as smoothly and successful as possible all year round.


We invest a considerable amount of time and effort into marketing, both on a national and a local level. A large proportion of the franchisee fee pays for the initial marketing of your franchise. The marketing campaign is substantial and puts you in front of thousands of people who would potentially use your services.

We continuously research and try new marketing campaigns and technologies to market Lawn Master. We monitor what works best in specific areas of the country and provide you with our findings to help you. A percentage of our ongoing royalty fee is used to continuously market Lawn Master on a national level.

Accounts and Paperwork

We are here to help with the administration side of your business and we can also provide you with any contacts you need to manage your accounts and VAT.

We provide you with any paperwork you need for all aspects of running your business, so that you can focus on dealing with your customers and providing them a good service.

Regular Reviews of your Franchise

We meet with you from time-to-time to ensure that your business is running smoothly in every aspect, and that you are maximising every opportunity to improve your business.

Franchise Network Help & Advice

You will be surrounded by a network of people who run successful Lawn Master franchises across the UK. They will be happy to assist you with any queries you have.

We have an internal forum for our franhcisees where any topics regarding the running of your business can be discussed in detail.