Case Study - Mr Dolan - Wigston, Leicester

Customer Testimonial

My lawns were in a verry sorry state to such an extent that I had explored the possibility to re-turf the entire area.

Fortunately, I had received a brochure through the post from Lawn Master. I read with particular interest the Regener8 lawn recovery system. I therefore decided to arrange a free visit with the local lawn expert Paul Draper.

Paul, with his experience convinced me that it was unnecessary to incur the costs to re-turf as the lawns could be fixed with the Regener8 system.

Paul duly arrived early September to commence the work and I’m truly astonished at the transformation. After a couple of weeks, the lawn has been changed from a moss and weed covered unattractive mess, into a proper lawn at the fraction of the cost of new turf.

Paul also made several visits to check that everything is progressing as expected with the lawns. He has since applied fertilisers to keep the new grass healthy.

Overview of Lawn Problems

When we first analysed the lawns, it was immediately apparent that the lawns were struggling due to being neglected for a number of years.

The customer was considering re-turfing, but we advised that Regener8 would rectify the lawns. We completed the process in a day and the lawns now look great.

The aim going forwards is to ensure that the right fertilisers are applied to improve the root system of the lawns as this will ensure they remain stronger.

Lawn Details

Date Treatments Started: September 2015
Lawn Care Expert: Paul Draper, Leicestershire