Case Study - Mr Butlin - Denbigh, North Wales

Customer Testimonial

Hello Matt,

After the invasion of our lawn by 16 cows earlier in the year, the lawn was left in something of a mess.

The damage that was left with lots of holes made the lawn dangerous for my grandchildren to play on. The damage was to such an extent that even walking on it could easily cause an injury.

We were pleased with your speedy response to our request for help and your prompt quotation for a solution.

The work was undertaken quickly and professionally, and within 8 weeks, a new thick green lawn had appeared, with the damage caused by the cows now gone.

The transformation was amazing. We would definitely recommend Lawn Master services to others.

Overview of Lawn Problems

The lawn was in a terrible state when we first assesed it. It had been damaged by 16 cows, leaving holes everywhere. The lawn was also completely infested with moss, with very little grass cover at all.

The lawns required extreme work to repair them. We first applied a specific lawn sand to control the massive amount of moss.

Following this, we then completed a major scarification until the lawn was bare. We then had to apply a specific sand dressing to fill in the holes and make the surface level. After this, we completed our Regener8 process to completetly seed the lawn and finish with a suitable dressing.

The whole process took over 4 days to complete, with multiple staff involved and a lot of product applied. But the results speak for themselves.

The lawn is now thick and healthy, rid of moss and is nice and flat for the customers grandchildren to play on.

Lawn Details

Date Treatments Started: March 2016
Lawn Care Expert: Head Office, North Wales