Wetting Agents

When there’s little or no rainfall for a prolonged period of time, lawns can become stressed and start turning brown. When it rains we expect it to help, but sometimes the soil becomes so dry it becomes water-repellent and moisture is unable to move down through the soil profile.

Hydrophobic soil causes pooling of surface water, which can be counterproductive as the water needs to get to the soil in order to benefit the grass plant.

Dry Patch

Dry Patch is a common occurrence as a result of hydrophobic soil. The grass will appear dead in patches as the plant is depleted of water. A waxy layer of white mycelium fungus is created which makes the soil hydrophobic. This waxy layer repels water, preventing water penetration.

How to prevent dry patches:

  • Hold back on the mowing - Keeping your grass a little longer in the summer helps it cope better with dry conditions.
  • Quench its thirst the right way - It’s surprising how quickly lawns dry out. If there’s no rainfall, it’s essential to water your lawn if you want to maintain its green colour.
  • Clear the decks - Move garden furniture and children’s toys off the lawn when they’re not in use to give the grass exposure to sunlight, air flow and rainfall. It will help prevent it yellowing and dying off.
wetting-agents wetting-agents

How Wetting Agents Work

Wetting agents act as a soil penetrant by reducing the surface tension of water to promote quick water infiltration and penetration deep into the soil profile. This means that when you do water your lawn, it will be better absorbed, therefore allowing the grass plant to utilise it properly. This in effect will help stop your lawn drying out as easily.

The retention of water is longer through the use of the wetting agents, which therefore reduces the overall amount of watering required.

Benefits of Wetting Agents

  • Improves surface water penetration and reduces pooling of surface water.
  • Improves root development.
  • Penetration depth of 25cm – 30cm achieved within 30 minutes of application.
  • Does not need watering in after application.
  • Improves oxygen flow to the soil profile.
  • Reduces watering input required in dry periods.
  • Can be applied in conjunction with other lawn treatments.

Wetting Agents can be applied at any time, including at the same time as your feed and weed treatments. If you would like further information or would like to book this treatment, please contact your local franchisee.