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Please Read Our Regener8 Terms of Service Below.

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The “Regener8 service” may also be referred to as the “Regener8 process” or “Regener8 system”. These three terms may be used interchangeably as they all relate to the same service.

1. Regener8 Terms of Service

These terms and conditions shall be deemed to be incorporated into all contracts between; the Lawn Master franchisee and the "the Customer" for the supply by the Supplier of goods and/or services specified (“Regener8"). In the absence of express written agreement to the contrary such goods and/or services are tendered or delivered and work undertaken upon and subject to these terms and conditions only.

2. The Regener8 Service

The “Regener8 service” is a bespoke service offered by Lawn Master as a cost-effective alternative to re-turfing. When we supply the “Regener8 service”, Lawn Master is providing all of the following lawn treatments, in the following order; Herbicide application (either Non Selective Herbicide or Selective Herbicide), Moss Kill application, Scarification, Surface Preparation, Under-seed application, Regener8 Dressing application, Over-seed application, and a Fertiliser application.

3. The Associated Products & Services of Regener8

The “Regener8” system consists specifically of the following services, carried out over 2 separate visits. Before the second visit takes place, a minimum amount of time must have lapsed depending on the type of herbicide used in the first part of the process. This will be confirmed by your local Lawn Master franchisee.

1st Visit

1. Herbicide Application – Either a “Selective” herbicide will be used to kill broad-leaved weeds, or a “Non Selective” herbicide will be used to kill all existing grasses and broad-leaved weeds in the lawn(s). Lawn Master may use the words “Weed Kill” and “Total Herbicide” to refer to these types of herbicides respectively. Lawn Master may also occasionally use the following terms to refer to a “Non Selective Herbicide” – “Full Weed Kill”, “Full Lawn Kill”, “Total Lawn Kill”, “Grass Kill”. All of these terms refer to the same product. We may use spray dye indicator products to ensure coverage of all areas, if we feel this is necessary.

2. Moss Kill – A moss killer will be applied, typically in the form of a liquid soluble product, unless specified otherwise on the Regener8 quotation sheet. Alternatively, lawn sand may be used. However, this product will only be used if specified on the Regener8 quotation sheet. We may use the term “moss control” to refer to a “moss killer”. The application of any type of moss killer to the lawn(s) will result in the moss turning a dark brown/black colour shortly after the application.

2nd Visit

3. Scarification – Professional scarifiers will be used with the intention of vigorously removing as much of the lawns(s) dead organic matter as the machines are capable of removing. This involves passing over the lawn(s) in multiple directions until the soil is visible. Small tufts of dead grass may remain; however, these will eventually disappear once the Regener8 process has been completed. Specific requirements may be specified in the MACHINE REQUIREMENTS section of the Regener8 quotation sheet.

4. Surface Preparation – Upon completing the scarification procedure, the surface will be cleared thoroughly to create an ideal seedbed. This will involve clearing away the scarification waste, which will be bagged for your disposal or placed in a suitable waste area, if you have informed us of such an area. Please note that Lawn Master cannot remove any of the scarification waste from site, however we can inform you about local garden waste collection services. Rakes and leaf blowers will be used during the surface preparation process to ensure that none of the loose debris is left on the surface. Further tools may be used for specific areas of the lawn(s) to remove further amounts of debris, if we feel this is necessary.

5. Under-seed – Once the surface has been prepared, grass seed will be applied to the surface of the lawn(s) either by hand (for small areas), or by use of a spreader. Spreader type requirements are specified in the MACHINE REQUIREMENTS section of the Regener8 quotation sheet. The PRODUCT REQUIREMENTS section on the Regener8 quotation sheet specifies which type of seed will be applied.

6. Dressing Application – We will apply a layer of our bespoke “Regener8 Dressing” to all of the lawn(s). The “Regener8 Dressing” is a product available exclusively to Lawn Master. When we refer to “Regener8 Dressing”, we specifically mean our product which is manufactured to our specification to aid grass establishment and provide an excellent fertile soil base. The “Regener8 Dressing” will typically be applied by the use of rakes, however specialist top dressing spreaders may be used for large areas (specified in the MACHINE REQUIREMENTS section of the Regener8 quotation sheet). You can learn more about our dressing product in our “Regener8 Information & Aftercare Guide”.

7. Over-seed – A second layer of seed is applied directly over the “Regener8 Dressing” to ensure that an adequate amount of seed is provided. This procedure will be completed using the same methods outlined in the under-seed procedure.

8. Fertiliser Application – A fertiliser is applied which is specifically formulated to aid grass seed establishment. This product is applied by a broadcast spreader/handheld spreader to all of the lawn(s).

4. Restrictions & Limitations

The Regener8 system cannot be completed in a single visit. The 8 processes are carried out over two separate visits, which are clearly stated above and also shown on the front of the Regener8 quotation sheet.

Restrictions and limitations relating to the products and services of Regener8:

Herbicide Application - Following the application of a “Non Selective Herbicide” (if specified), the lawn(s) will turn patchy and yellow. This is quite normal and some greening of the grass plants may still occur depending on the condition of the lawn, however the grass plants will die in time for the second visit. Please note that herbicides cannot kill pregerminated weeds or grass in the ground. We cannot be responsible for any undesirable grasses that occur after the Regener8 process has been completed, because these can occur due to other factors, such as the lawn being in an open area surrounded by fields. Please do not walk on the lawns as you may pick up weed killer on your feet and carry it to other surfaces, such as your neighbour’s lawns.

Moss Kill - If it is raining while this treatment is being completed, it will increase the speed and effectiveness of the product as moss killers react quicker in wet conditions. In dry conditions, it may take longer for the product to react and change the colour of the moss. In extremely dry conditions, we may feel it is necessary to reschedule the moss kill treatment, and therefore the entire first visit of the Regener8 process. If lawn sand is specified to be used, more rain will typically be required than a liquid moss killer to see the visible effects of the product working.

Scarification - The scarification process is designed to remove as much of the lawn(s) dead organic matter as the machine is capable of removing. There is no guarantee that all of the organic matter can be removed, however Lawn Master will always ensure that the process is carried out to an adequate standard. Although the process of scarification removes dead organic matter and moss, scarification is not specifically designed to remove moss from lawns. It will do this to a satisfactory extent, however small amounts of moss may still exist after the scarification procedure has been completed.

Surface Preparation - During this procedure, Lawn Master will clear away and bag the scarification waste for your disposal, however Lawn Master cannot remove the waste from site. If you have informed us of a suitable waste area on site, we will place the waste in this location. We can also inform you about local garden waste collection services if you require them. During surface preparation, Lawn Master cannot guarantee to remove all organic matter from the edges of certain lawn areas, such as where a wall is adjacent to the edge of the lawn(s), or where a raised curb is present. This is due to our machines being unable to run their blade system along the very edge of the lawn(s). There will often be an offset around the edge of a few inches. Lawn Master will make every effort to complete the procedure as effectively as possible, however this restriction may come into effect with certain lawn areas.

Seeding - Both the under-seed (step 5) and over-seed (step 7) procedures are completed with calibrated spreaders to ensure even coverage, although small areas may be completed by hand if we feel this is necessary. Although our spreaders are very accurate, small amounts of seed may drift onto paths and border areas during application. Lawn Master makes every effort to minimise this and also uses leaf blowers afterwards to blow any seed back to the lawn area. However, we cannot guarantee that none of the seed will land outside of your lawn areas.

Dressing Application - In the event that the Regener8 dressing is delivered directly to site, you must make Lawn Master aware if you require the Regener8 dressing to be delivered in a specific location on site (e.g. to avoid blocking access). We will remove the pallets and waste bags that the Regener8 dressing is contained in. The “Regener8 Dressing” is not designed to level an uneven lawn surface, as different types of top dressings would be required in addition to achieve this. Please ask your local Lawn Master franchisee for more information. If your lawn(s) have very minor undulations the “Regener8 Dressing” may help with these, however it’s important to understand that the product is not designed to do this.

Fertiliser Application - The product used in this procedure is a conventional fertiliser. This means the longevity of the product is approximately 6 weeks.

5. Before Application (1st Visit)

Please ensure that your lawns are cut to an adequate length before the first visit if you have been instructed to do so. In most situations, this isn’t normally required. However, it may be recommended that you cut the lawn(s) if they are very long at the time of our quotation. Ensure that your gate(s) are left open if we require access to the lawns. In most cases, we can secure the area again when we leave. You can also provide us with gate codes or spare keys if you prefer. Please ensure that all dog mess is cleared from the lawn(s) and garden furniture/items are removed before we start the procedure.

6. Before Application (2nd Visit)

It is essential that the lawn(s) are cut short before the second visit is carried out (ideally 1-3 days before). This is also re-iterated on the Regener8 quotation sheet, above the Regener8 price. Failure to cut the lawns to a short length prior to this visit may result in Lawn Master postponing completion of the Regener8 process without a refund on any deposit already paid (please see Non-Refundable Deposit Agreement section below). You would then be required to pay a further amount to have the 2nd visit rescheduled due to the costs incurred by us such as staff wages, material delivered and the loss of allocated work in our schedule. As above with the 1st visit, please ensure all dog mess is cleared, furniture/items are removed and we have access before we start this procedure.

7. Regener8 Aftercare

It is essential that you undertake the aftercare requirements in order for the Regener8 process to be successful. These requirements include watering, using sprinklers, keeping pets off lawns, when to complete the first cut and avoiding using lawns during the germination period. A copy of our “Regener8 Information & Aftercare Guide” is included with your quotation. Please read the guide thoroughly as it clearly explains how to properly undertake your responsibilities to ensure that the process is successful. We want you to have a lawn to be proud of, and by following the advice we provide, it will speed up the process for you. Germination timescales can vary due to a number of factors. The “Regener8 Information & Aftercare Guide” states that Lawn Master will address any areas of poor germination by topping up grass seed and Regener8 dressing free of charge until full coverage is attained at our discretion. However, we are only obliged to undertake this if you have undertaken and followed our advice.

Before topping up grass seed and Regener8 dressing, Lawn Master will use moisture meters to check that lawn(s) have been adequately watered. Lawn Master cannot be held responsible for any lack of watering and we also cannot be held responsible if the lawn(s) aren’t receiving our minimum treatment plan afterwards, which is five Feed & Weed treatments per year, plus Solid Tine Aeration once per year. The standard treatment programme is essential to ensure that the new lawn(s) are maintained to a high standard. We typically recommend that your treatment programme commences (or recommences if you’re an existing customer) approximately six weeks after the Regener8 process has been completed.

8. Completion of Regener8 Process

Lawn Master cannot be held responsible for severe weather conditions that may occur after the Regener8 process has been completed. We also cannot be held responsible if the recommended aftercare procedures are not carried out by the customer, as directed (see Regener8 Aftercare above). Please do not apply further chemicals or products to your lawn. Lawn Master cannot be held responsible for any issues this may cause. This includes any additional machine work. Any complaint about an application or other work carried out must be made within 14 days of completion of the Regener8 process.

9. Regener8 Pricing

The price shown on the Regener8 quotation sheet is the total price for the Regener8 service only. It is exclusive of any other products or services that Lawn Master offer. The price shown is inclusive of our visit, materials and VAT (where applicable). You will be invoiced for the total price of the Regener8 service over two separate invoices. The first invoice will be of the amount for the services completed in the first visit (Herbicide Application and the Moss Kill).

The second invoice, provided upon completion of the second visit, will be the remaining amount from the price shown on the Regener8 quotation. The total value of both invoices added together will never exceed the total price shown on the Regener8 quotation sheet. If you are required to pay a non-refundable deposit (see Non-Refundable-Deposit Agreement section below), you will only need to pay the remaining outstanding amount upon completion of the second visit.

If you are to receive additional recommended treatments from us on the same day as either the first or second visit, the value of those treatments will be added to the same invoice as the those for the Regener8 service.

10. Non-Refundable Deposit Agreement

Please see our Non-Refundable Deposit Agreement terms in our “Terms of Service”.

The Non-Refundable Deposit Agreement form on the Regener8 quotation sheet is only intended to be completed for existing customers. If you are a new customer, and have therefore been provided with a standard quotation sheet called “Lawn Analysis Report & Quotation”, only the Non-Refundable Deposit Agreement form on the rear of the standard quotation sheet needs to be used. The tick box option to state that the deposit includes 50% of the Regener8 service must be marked to make it clear that the deposit being paid is inclusive of the Regener8 service.

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