Case Study - Mr Douglas - Nottingham

Customer Testimonial

I’ve used Lawn Master - Nottingham (Retford) for a few years now and my lawn has been in tip top condition. No weeds and lush, green grass.

Unfortunately a lot of my grass suffered from ‘winter die back’ this year. I just wasn’t expecting it at all, I was left with more brown soil than lawn! I was gutted!

Being a Lawn Master customer, I got in touch, explained the problem and they diagnosed the issue. I had to wait until April, but Colin came out and scarified, top-dressed and over-seeded the lawn.

The results were absolutely amazing, I kid you not! We had lush green grass back in 8 days!

I’d highly recommend Ian, Colin, Jenny and the rest of the team at Lawn Master - Nottingham. Professional advice, courteous service, great results AND if the worst happens! They’ve got your back!

Mr Douglas

Overview of Lawn Problems

It is a bit of a funny lawn really. We have been maintaining it since September 2019, and that was soon after it had been returfed. The reason it dies back over winter is it gets very little light and is fairly enclosed.

Mr Douglas was vaguely discussing real turf, but when we said we could repair it for him, he seemed very pleased with that. We explained that due to the low light levels this repair could become a fairly regular option, perhaps every spring which is something we tell a few customers when they have enclosed areas.

We carried out a scarification, top dressing, and an over-seeding treatment for Mr Douglas on the 12th of May. The after pictures were taken only 8 days later, showing how impressively quick the repair was!

Ian Stephens

Lawn Details

Date Treatments Started: May 2022
Lawn Care Expert: Ian Stephens, Nottingham