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Case Study - Mr Douglas

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I’ve used Lawn Master - Nottingham (Retford) for a few years now and my lawn has been in tip top condition. No weeds and lush, green grass.

Unfortunately a lot of my grass suffered from ‘winter die back’ this year. I just wasn’t expecting it at all, I was left with more brown soil than lawn! I was gutted!

Being a Lawn Master customer, I got in touch, explained the problem and they diagnosed the issue. I had to wait until April, but Colin came out and scarified, top-dressed and over-seeded the lawn.

The results were absolutely amazing, I kid you not! We had lush green grass back in 8 days!

I’d highly recommend Ian, Colin, Jenny and the rest of the team at Lawn Master - Nottingham. Professional advice, courteous service, great results AND if the worst happens! They’ve got your back!

Before lawn-master-lawn-care-before
AFTER lawn-master-lawn-care-after

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