Case Study - Mr Hubbard - Syston, Leicester

Customer Testimonial

I have been looking at the lawn services that you provide, and are extremely impressed with the "before" and "after" photos I have as a result of your treatments.

The title of my original email sent to you was "What do you think is wrong with the lawn?"

Since the treatments you have completed, the seed-heads are not coming back anymore, and the colour is superb. Overall I give the lawn 10 our of 10.

Thank you very much for an excellent job that you have provided me with so far.

Overview of Lawn Problems

When we first looked at the lawn in April, we found the colour was very poor with dead patches of grass and a large amount of annual meadow grass were present in the lawn.

To rectify the lawns problems, we heavily scarified the lawn to remove the build up of organic matter. We then over-seeded the lawn with a quality grass mix, and applied a top dressing afterwards.

Since the treatments, the annual meadow grasses are no longer present, and the lawn now compliments the rest of the garden really well. The lawn has been transformed into an area that the customer can enjoy.

Lawn Details

Date Treatments Started: April 2015
Lawn Care Expert: Paul Draper, Leicestershire