Why Customers Choose Us?

There’s many reasons why our customers choose to use our lawn care services compared to our competitors.

The main reason we find is that all of our competitors use the words “lawn care experts” quite loosely. If you look at all of our competitors websites and other advertising material, you find that they all refer to themselves as “lawn care experts”, but they have no experience or qualifications to actually back it up.

As a result of this, the service levels and knowledge they provide fails to meet the customer’s expectations, and the customer therefore look elsewhere.

The Market is Changing in the UK

With many businesses, customers usually buy on brand awareness and company size alone as people tend to assume that this is the best option. However, the market is changing with lawn care as people realise that the condition of their lawn is not as good as it could be. They therefore look for a more experienced operator to continue maintaining their lawn.

Because we have spent years emphasising the message to our customers that they should only use a qualified greenkeeper or groundsman, people are now more likely to use Lawn Master, especially since lawn treatment services have become more established in the UK.

People prefer to pay more for a quality service, rather than finding the cheapest solution.

Why not use DIY lawn care products?

We have customers who have used DIY lawn care products in the past. Many problems have become apparent with using these, such as:

  • Many people are confused by the packaging and mix-rate instructions on the labels of products in garden centres.
  • They are low in quality and do not have the longevity that professional products offer.
  • They are difficult for most people to apply correctly and customers often damage their lawn as a result.
  • They are no more cost effective than using our services.

Lawn Master uses professional products and application equipment that cannot be purchased in DIY stores.

Remember, no one else can offer what we do.