Optional Organic Feed Programs

In 1999, Lawn Master introduced the first organic feed range option to the lawn care market in the UK.

These environmentally-friendly feeds prevent unwanted nutrients entering water causeways, and are safe near aquatic life and vegetable growers.

If you would like to know more about organic feed programmes, or you have a lawn growth problem, please contact us for a free quotation.

You will not find our range of feeds with any other UK lawn company. We can obtain the same results with organic feeds, as we can with synthetic feed programmes. Not only do these feeds contains humic acid and aerobically composted manure, but they provide a complete package to maintain a healthy lawn.

They also contain cold-temperature processed seaweed extract, as well as a balance of primary and secondary micronutrients.


The Main Advantages of Organic Feed Programmes

  • Excellent feeds on poor soil quality lawns, such as sandy soil.
  • Increases the nutrient retention in all soils.
  • Produces growth-promoting hormones in grey areas, such as under trees.
  • Sterilised and disease free.
  • No flush of growth.
  • No odour and 100% safe with pets and the environment.
  • Soil association certified (unrestricted).
  • Our organic range of feeds have royal approval.
  • 100% main organic compound used.
  • Improves the quality of the soil whilst improving the grass at the same time.

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