Regener8 Lawn Renovation Programme


Some lawns can be in such a poor state that they require complete refurbishment in order to restore them to full health. Traditionally, the only option in this case would be to completely remove the existing lawn, and then re-turf the entire lawn area.

Lawn Master launched the Regener8 quick lawn system in 2008 as a way of restoring lawns back to full health for as little as a quarter of the cost of re-turfing. Since then, we have continuously refined the process to deliver the best results.

Regener8 was the first service of its kind in the UK. It’s the combination of specially-developed professional products, applied in the right way by highly skilled turf care experts, that produces high-quality lawns that our customers love.

Why Re-Turf When You Can Regener8?

If you think your lawn is beyond repair, Regener8 is the ideal solution. It not only reduces the cost of a new lawn, but also provides a number of benefits compared to re-turfing.

  • Uses a highly fertile dressing produced exclusively for Lawn Master and not available in any retail stores.
  • 100% weed free and does not contain any pathogen content typically found in recycled green waste and poor quality soils.
  • 0% recycled green waste content to ensure it is free from unwanted matter such as glass, plastic, sticks and stones.
  • Fertiliser included in both the dressing and applied separately after seeding to promote fast, deep rooting and healthy establishment.
  • The most cost and time-effective method of having a new lawn. It’ll be ready for use within 6-8 weeks.

Regener8 – 8 Step Process

The application process of Regener8 is broken down into eight individual smaller applications which can be completed in two visits. A herbicide application and moss killer is completed during our first visit. The remaining applications are completed during our second visit.


Herbicide Application

We apply either a non-selective herbicide to kill all vegetation, or a selective herbicide to eradicate undesirable weeds.


Moss Kill

A moss killer is applied, typically in a liquid soluble form. We may alternatively use a lawn sand moss killer. Moss will turn black shortly after the application.



A few weeks after our first visit, we use professional scarifiers to remove as much of the moss and dead organic matter as possible. This vigorous process involves passing over the lawn in multiple directions until the soil is visible.


Surface Preparation

After the scarification process has been completed, we collect and bag all of the thatch and debris for your disposal. We can let you know about local garden waste collection services or place it in a compost heap or other suitable waste area. We then prepare the surface for seeding.



Once the surface is prepared, we apply the most suitable type of grass seed to the entire lawn area using calibrated spreaders. Your lawns may require different grass types depending on their growing environment.


Dressing Application

We apply a layer up to 1.75” thick of our unique dressing. The product is applied using rakes or specialist top dressing spreaders. Other tools such as lutes and drag mats may be used to ensure an even application. The dressing ensures that the seed will establish properly in a short period of time, as well as benefitting your lawn’s soil structure.



Additional seed is applied to ensure that a thick, lush and healthy lawn establishes. The entire area is then lightly raked to mix the seed into the dressing.


Fertiliser Application

Fertiliser is applied to ensure your new lawn establishes as quickly as possible. It provides a steady supply of the right nutrients and lasts for up to six weeks.


Key to the success of Regener8 is the unique dressing, manufactured exclusively for Lawn Master. It’s the result of many years of research and extensive testing conducted across the country. Blended to our exact specification, it produces a high quality rootzone that also maximises the speed of establishment.

Ten Key Benefits

  • Contains quality soil, silver sand and added nutrients to help seed establish as quickly as possible. It is then micro screened to remove pathogen content.
  • Product is bagged in clean, breathable bags to ensure that no heat is generated during storage.
  • Contains 0% recycled green waste content.
  • Has no stone or unwanted matter content.
  • Promotes fast, deep rooting with rapid establishment, transforming your lawn within 6-8 weeks.
  • Improves your lawn soil structure to promote better turf health.
  • Contains a wetting agent to aid moisture retention.
  • Suitable for every type of lawn.
  • Easy to work with and causes minimal mess.
  • Levels out minor undulations and unevenness.
    (please ask about larger undulations being removed)
Before Regener8 Treatment During Regener8 Treatment During Regener8 Treatment After Regener8 Treatment Before Regener8 Treatment

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If you think your lawn is beyond repair, Regener8 is the ideal solution. Service backed up by the largest group of turf professionals in the UK.