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Years Greenkeeping at various golf courses. 15 Years as Head Greenkeeper.

Qualifications & Achievements

I have a degree in Sports Turf Science and managed to achieve the job of Head Greenkeeper for 15 years before leaving to start my Lawn Master franchise.

Working as Head Greenkeeper is a complex job and requires an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of turf management, meaning I learnt a lot in this 15 year period.

What Ian Stephens Can Do For You

As I have gained a lot of experience as a greenkeeper on golf courses, I have been able to apply my knowledge to domestic lawns to achieve the same results.

With your free lawn analysis, I will create a treatment programme tailored to meet your lawn’s requirements, as well as fitting in with your budget.

I will explain how each process of the programme works and how we use different products and machines for varying types of turf. For example, a less aggressive scarifier is used for lawns that contain a fescue/bent mix of grass as heavier machines can destroy the turf.

I will also explain why we only perform each type of service at certain times of the year. For example, we never perform scarification in the winter as the turf cannot rejuvenate at this time of year.

One of my specialities in turf care is eradicating lawn diseases and difficult weeds, as lawns in Nottinghamshire are prone to these. Some of these include:

  • Chafer Grubs - These are larvae of chafer beetles that feed on grass roots, destroying the turf
  • Leatherjackets - These are larvae of the crane fly (daddy-long-legs) usually found on golf courses in Nottinghamshire
  • Red Thread - This is the most common turf grass disease likely to be found in domestic lawns
  • Slender Speedwell - A particularly troublesome weed in Nottinghamshire which is very difficult to remove once established in turf

If you think that your lawn has many of these problems, and cannot be recovered, our Regener8 system may be suitable for you as it comes at an affordable price.

Ian Stephens's Background

Lawn-Master-Ian-StephensI have worked as a Greenkeeper for over 25 years, 15 years of which I worked as Head Greenkeeper. The golf courses I have worked at include:

  • Lewes Golf Club in Sussex where I worked as a Greenkeeper Assistant from 1986-1994.
  • Mid Sussex Golf Club where I worked as a Greenkeeper Assistant from 1994-1995.
  • Peacehaven Golf Club in Sussex where I worked as Head Greenkeeper from 1995-2004.
  • Retford Golf Club where I worked as Head Greenkeeper from 2004-2006.
  • Carholme Golf Club where I worked as Head Greenkeeper from 2007-2009.

Over the course of my career, the change of location of where I have worked has meant that I have experienced a wide range of soil types, including:

  • The exposed and exceptionally dry chalk on the South Downs of Sussex.
  • The very heavy clay of the Sussex weald.
  • The very sandy and stony soils of Retford.
  • The alluvial plains of Lincoln, including the floods of Lincoln in 2007.

Where I Cover

You can contact Ian Stephens for a free lawn quotation if you live in or near any of the following areas:

Retford, Nottingham, Newark, Lincoln, Market Rasen, Coningsby, Worksop and any surrounding areas.

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In the spring 2021 we had an infestation in the lawn and was told nothing could be done e.g. no scarifying as we would have no lawn left. After Lawn Master took over our lawn in May Ian scarified treated it,over seeded and put top soil on. The job was done efficiently, and with us watering we saw the improvement. July we now have the best lawn we have ever had thanks to Ian Stephen`s and Lawn Master.

D Pope

I cannot praise Ian at LawnMaster enough.Since he started treating my garden about a year and a half ago,it has been totally transformed from weed paradise into beautiful lush grass. There are many things that I’ve had to stop spending money on because of the pandemic…this will not be one of them! Thank you,Thank you, Thank you!

V McPartland

We use Lawnmaster Notts - run by Ian Stephens. As Lawnmaster's a franchise, you're dependent on the local franchisee - and with Ian & Co, it's effectively like dealing with a local family company. They're very experienced and very efficient, and they don't make unrealistic fantasy claims like "next week your lawn will be like a bowling green" - they just provide a good reliable service that gets rid of the weeds and keeps the grass well fed!

C Hogg

Ian Stephens from Lawn Master has been looking after my lawns since 2016. I have consistently had excellent service and my lawns have never been better. Whether Ian or Colin attend I know the work will be done properly and they are both friendly, helpful and professional. I would be happy to recommend this franchise.

J Barrowman

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