Franchise Case Study Interview Videos

Once you have requested information, we can provide you with a password to access all of these videos of some of our franchisees talking about how they started their franchise, and how their life has changed.

We will also provide you with access to an extra 23 videos of lawn care franchise FAQs.

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Simon Marsh - Surbiton

Before starting his Lawn Master franchise, Simon worked at various locations as Golf Course Manager, Head Greenkeeper and Head Groundsman for over 30 years.

Matt Evans - South Oxfordshire

Matt used to work for Simon Marsh at Harleyford Golf Club as Deputy Head Greenkeeper. Matt worked in greenkeeping for over 12 years before starting his franchise.

Jonathan Eves - Bromley

Jon worked as an Assistant Head Groundsman for over 15 years before starting his franchise with us. He worked for Premiership football clubs, including Tottenham Hotspur FC and Chelsea FC Cobham training grounds, where he was responsible for the maintenance of 32 pitches.

Barry Dolan - Dundee

Barry worked at various locations as a greenkeeper before joining us. He even worked abroad at golf courses in Norway.

Andy Wilson - Aberdeen

Andy knew Barry Dolan through working with him prior to starting his franchise. Andy was a greenkeeper for over 30 years before joining us, which included working as Head Greenkeeper and working in golf course construction.

Spencer Haines - Basingstoke & Southampton

Spencer had worked as a greenkeeper at various golf courses before starting his franchise. Spencer was also Golf Course Manager at Hartley Wintney Golf Club.

Ian Stephens - Nottingham & Lincoln

Ian worked as a greenkeeper for over 25 years before started his franchise, which included working as Head Greenkeeper for 15 years.

Rob Newman - Lawn Master & Self Employment Opportunities

Rob Newman is Managing Partner of Chancery Accounts LLP, who have worked with Lawn Master for a number of years. Rob discusses the opportunities of being self employed, and running your own Lawn Master franchise.