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Common Weeds Last Updated: 17/07/2023

Most weeds that are found in lawns can be controlled within one or two selective weed killer applications. Common weeds are perennial weeds. This means that they can live and continue to produce for several years.

Weeds that can be removed within one application

  • Daisy
  • Clover
  • Dandelion
  • Plantains
  • Buttercups

Difficult Weeds

There are certain weeds that can be very difficult to eradicate from a lawn, due to the way in which they spread. These weeds include:


These weeds are the most difficult to eradicate from a lawn, as they spread by creeping stems and can also be spread by uncollected mower cuttings (mulch). Slender and Germander are the most common of speedwells found in lawns.


Lesser Trefoil

This is an annual weed, which is part of the clover family of weeds, and it can take advantage of areas that are lacking in essential nutrients. Once established, this weed can spread very quickly throughout a lawn, therefore specific weed killers must be used to stop the weed from spreading.



Field Woodrush is a grass-like weed, commonly found in lawns that have an acidic nature. In spring, a lawn can become unsightly when this weed has established, as brown flower heads start to appear with fine white hairs. Eventually, seed-heads are produced, allowing the weed to spread further. Woodrush requires specific weed killers to be applied multiple times in order to eradicate it completely.



This weed is fairly difficult to eradicate from a lawn once it has established itself. Yarrow requires multiple applications of specific products to completely remove it from a lawn. Yarrow is drought tolerant and can endure infertile/sandy soils.


MYOB (Mind-your-own-business)

MYOB is a perennial weed, which is mainly associated with weeds in pavements and garden border edges. When MYOB is established in grass, it is extremely difficult to control. Fortunately, lawns that suffer with this weed are in a minority. There are no selective weed killers with label use for MYOB. However, Lawn Master have techniques for controlling this weed for the best results possible.



This is a perennial weed that can be difficult to identify due to the tiny white flowers it produces. It tends to establish far more easily in lawns (or other areas) where the grass has been kept really short due to close mowing. This weed can be controlled with specific weed killers, but may take multiple applications to completely eliminate it.


Lawn Master Weed Killers

Fertiliser applications are completed on each of our standard treatment visits. After fertiliser has been applied, a weed-kill treatment is completed as required.

We use a range of selective weed killers. We decide which products to use based on the weeds that are present in your lawn at the time of our visit.

Selective weed killers work by only killing the weeds and not the grass. Once the weeds have absorbed the product, they will die within a few weeks.

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