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Leaf Spot

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Leaf Spot Last Updated: 11/03/2024

Leaf Spot is a very common disease caused by incorrect mowing. When grass is cut too short, or when a lawnmower with insufficient power is used, a lawn is at great risk of catching this disease. Blunt mower blades are a common cause of this disease as the blunt blades tear the grass instead of cutting it clean.

The disease starts to show a few days after it has been cut, and it gives the lawn an overall yellow and stressed appearance. It attacks the grass leaves, where yellow-brown spots will be noticeable. Leaf Spot is more common in lawns with a high amount of ryegrass. This is because ryegrasses are much tougher than most other species, therefore a strong lawnmower with sharp blades is required at all times.

How Do I Prevent Leaf Spot Disease?

Keep Your Lawn Mower Blades Sharp

To help avoid this disease from occurring, ensure that your mower blades are kept sharp at all times and that you are running your machine at a good speed.

Avoid Using Electric Lawnmowers

Avoid using electric lawnmowers if possible, as they are not as powerful as petrol powered machines and are therefore not as effective.

Do Not Cut More Than a 3rd of the Grass Leaf Length

If you haven’t had time to cut your lawn for a while, and it’s quite long, a good rule to remember is to not cut more than a 3rd of the grass leaf length in a single pass with the lawnmower. You should gradually lower your mower blades instead by mowing in multiple directions.

Keep Your Grass Height More Than 25mm

Grass mown to a height of less than 25mm is typically at higher risk of Leaf Spot disease occurrence, therefore you should always consider this when mowing.


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