Top Dressing

What Is Top Dressing?

Top dressing is the application of a soil or organic material to the surface of a lawn to improve the quality of the soil over a period of time. A range of dressings can be applied with a calibrated broadcast spreader, or by loam rake if required.

When Should I Apply Top Dressing to My Lawn?

Top dressing can be completed whenever necessary, although completing it as part of the autumn renovation procedure is preferred. Top dressing should be applied after any aeration or scarification procedure has been carried out, if possible. This allows the top dressing to fully enter into the surface and soil below, therefore providing more effective results.

Why Should I Apply Top Dressing to My Lawn?

Lawn Master’s professional top dressings are applied to lawns, pitches and greens to help produce a smooth and level surface.

Many lawns can eventually lose their smoothness and become uneven due to the stresses caused from children’s play, turf repair work, foot traffic and lawn disease. Some lawns may sink with age.

A frequent top dressing can rectify these problems and will also help when cutting the lawn. A smooth surface will allow a lawn mower to produce a more even and consistent cut.

If poor drainage has been a problem, then top dressing can improve the ease at which water moves through the soil.


What Are the Benefits of Top Dressing My Lawn?

Lawn Master’s top dressings are used on lawns to bring some, or all of the following benefits:

  • Improve the surface and soil drainage rates
  • Reduce and dilute the levels of thatch
  • Improve the levels of smoothness
  • Fill in cracks and gaps
  • Increase water and nutrient retention
  • Produces a smoother and more even cut when mowing your lawn

What Is Top Dressing Made of?

Top dressing can consist of a mixture of minerals such as sand, silt and clay. It can be an organic material such as peat or loam, or a combined mixture of them all.

Your local Lawn Master representative will be able to advise which type of dressing is best for your lawn.

How Often Should I Apply Top Dressing?

You may apply top dressing monthly or annually, depending on the condition of the lawn. The most effective method of improving minor surface irregularities is to apply top dressing on a regular basis until the desired effect is achieved.