What Are The Benefits of Autumn Lawn Care?

This is one of the most important treatments of our feed programme as it prepares your lawns for the harsh winter conditions ahead. Our main priority for this treatment is to strengthen the grass roots to ensure the plant is healthy through the colder months.

The products we use at this time of year are designed to last longer in wetter conditions and will also hold back the beginning of moss spores in shaded and damp areas of your lawn.

Key points we look out for:

  • The strength of your lawn’s roots. We need to apply a product that will maintain root strength through winter.
  • Moss growth. Moss spores need to be controlled early on to stop the moss spreading across your lawn.
  • Autumn and winter disease development. Specific amounts of each nutrient are required to help stop the development of some diseases.
  • The health of the grass leaves. We need to maintain a healthy green colour as the grass can be put under a lot of stress over the coming months.